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A day at the quay by new Westminster

It was our planned movie day to watch The Dark Knight Rises.  
Jordan went into the theatre at the beginning of this week, just to book a time to watch that movie.
Boys and their cartoons! (and yes we love the AVX service!)
Anyways, I thought it went a little too long... 2 hrs and 45 min was a tad too long and at 3/4 of the movie, it felt a bit draggy... well, that's just my opinion.
BTW, I LOVE Josephe Gordon-Levitt!!!! 

We went into the movie at 12:30pm on Saturday without anything in our stomach, so certainly we were quite hungry at the end of it. I mentioned the "buck-a-shuck" deal at the Boathouse and he was totally in! So we picked the New Westminster location and off we went.

Adventure 1: Appy hour at The Boathouse New Westminster

I made a reservation for us at 4:30pm.
From what I've read online, their appy hour runs from 3pm to 6pm at their lounge and on their website - the oyster special was $1 per shuck; and appies ranged from $3.99 to $5.99.

It was such a misled information and I am just going to say this up front that I will NEVER visit them ever again.  Yes, that's how disappointed we were.

First of all, after we were seated,we were presented with the appy hour menu where we quickly found out that the oysters were actually $1.29 per shuck instead of $1 as stated on their website
Immediately I felt ripped off as 30 cents increase is actually a 30% increase in price - it's quite a lot!!
We also found that the appies ranged from $4.99 to $8.99 instead of $3.99 to $5.99 as stated online.

Umm... time to update your website, maybe?????

With my bad feelings, we only ordered 1 dozen of oysters and 1 appetizer special (surf and turf $7.99) to share.  I also ordered a cocktail special of today which was the redheaded girl - according to our server it is similar to a crantinni except it is made of strawberry vodka.

Even with my pre-caution, I still regretted ordering a dozen oysters because I should've just ordered 2....

Yep that's how bad the oysters were.... We had 2 types of oysters.  One of them (smaller) being the boathouse kiss and the other one (larger) being the kumamoto.  

Jordan completely freaked out with how tiny some of the boathouse kiss were - the flesh was literally smaller than a penny.  We even wondered if they served us by mistake.

No, you cannot/should not serve people this for $1.29!!!!!
We quickly slurped down the oysters feeling EXTREMELY unsatisfied.  

And I thought the buck-a-shuck oyster at Oyster raw bar was a rip off!

Our other appetizer - Surf and Turf ($7.99) consisted beef satay skewer and their famous firecracker shrimp.  There were literally 5 of the 41/60 sized over cooked shrimps and 2 cherry tomatoes with 2 skewers of 20g tough beef skewers.  

This, cannot be $7.99..... no...

We were in shock!

Anyway, we quickly left the restaurant after we devoured down (perhaps within 15min) all the food....

We will not be back... I am so sorry.  Here is a generous warning to those of you who are looking for a great appy hour deal or buck-a-shuck... please, do not come here... :( it is not worth the price, and of course, you do not need to listen to me...
I ignored the warnings from some other diners and.... I regret not listening to them.  The $30+ I spent here could've been used SO much more wisely (if you continue reading my blog)....

Food - 1.5/5 - the martini was quite nice..........
Service - 2/5 - really slow, if you sit at the lounge or patio, you are more likely to be ignored...
Ambiance - 2.5/5 - it was Okay.  I wouldn't take someone here for a romantic dinner.....

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Adventure 2: Re-Up BBQ

After a super unsatisfactory meal (mmm, can't really call that a meal...) at The Boathouse, Jordan and I ventured into the Quay market.  I knew there's the Re-Up BBQ that would for sure catch the carnivore's attention... 

so off we went!

3 meat combo - $20 - bbq ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket
3 meat combo - $20 - bbq ribs, pulled pork, and beef  brisket
3 meat combo - sides - cole slaw, chilli, and mashed potatoes

Being the carnivore as he is, Jordan decided to go for the 3 meat combo.  We were free to choose 3 types of meats (among 4 - pulled pork, beef brisket, bbq chicken, and ribs)and 2 sides. (Cole slaw came with every meal)
Although I have read many negative reviews regarding their beef brisket (being dry and tough) - Jordan made the executive decision of getting the brisket over the chicken.  
We were so pleasantly surprised!

The beef brisket was wayyyy more tender and juicy than we expected and it was plenty flavourful from the sauce it came in.  Jordan noted that he detects abundant smokey flavour from the meats and the brisket was definitely tender (and I agree).

I even squeezed the beef brisket half way through our meal and the juice just woozed out!  Maybe we were just lucky but our experience with the brisket was more than satisfactory.  It was really tasty!

The pulled pork was pretty standard.  It was a tad dry and it wasn't "pulled" properly because I have gotten many chunks of meats throughout.  But honestly, I'd say that's nit-picking because really the flavour was great (I became a huge fan of their BBQ sauce - wayyy better than the Hog-Shack as the flavour didn't appear so aggressive in sweet, sour and saltiness)

The ribs, on the other hand, weren't the tenderest of all.  But just to be fair, many of the tender - fall of the bone ribs are par-boiled ribs. Meaning that they were partially boiled prior to be bbq-ed.  When you expect a BBQ-ed rib, it is generally a tad drier with a tad chewier meat.  I admit the fact that it wasn't heated thoroughly made a chewier rib - but I don't think it was a technical mistake when BBQ-ing their ribs.  Regardless, the meat was bouncy yet tender enough to be teared off the bones with teeth with minimal effort.

The sides were pretty standard fairs.  My least favourite was the cole slaw as it was mainly tangy and had least amount of other flavours.  
I guess with all the meat, you'd need something a bit more refreshing.....

ahh!! just too sour!!! :(

The Chilli and the mashed potatoes were pretty standard.  There weren't anything too special about it and the mashed potatoes; well, I'd recommend to order the biscuit instead as the potatoes were quite bland...

Over all at $25 (after tax and everything) - it was a much more satisfying meal than what we had at The Boathouse....

Food - 4/5 - way better than what we've anticipated; really disagree with some of the negative comments on Urbanspoon
Service - 4/5 - our food was brought to us though it was more of a pick-up-your-own-food kind of vendor... they were really friendly and patient with us!
Ambiance - N/A - food court... :$ but maybe if you enjoyed the water front view of Fraser river!!

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Adventure 3: Crepe Des Amis
Lyon with Cheese ($1 extra) - Turkey, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and ceaser dressing + cheese
Lyon with Cheese ($1 extra) - Turkey, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and ceaser dressing + cheese
Lyon with Cheese ($1 extra) - Turkey, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and ceaser dressing + cheese

Umm, so yes.  Call me a big eater - after all that BBQ - I went for a savoury crepe at Crepe Des Amis for my "dessert" :$

(Thank you mom for the fast metabolism!!!!!)

While Jordan went for the sweet (Chantelle) crepe - bananas, brown sugar, and walnuts; I opted for the savoury (Lyon) crepe.  

First thing I noticed when I received my crepe, was that the crepe itself was a lot thicker than I am used to.  It was crispy on the outside and chewy and fluffy on the inside - almost like a super thin version of the belgian waffle (does it make sense?)
I really really enjoyed the texture!!

The fillings were well balanced between savoury, tangy, sweet, creamy... the use of caeser dressing really boosted up the umami profile and it was just delicious!!
I was a tad worried about the undercooked mushrooms when he simply placed it onto the crepe but it turned out to be just fine!(though I'd preferred it to be sautéed... it would have contributed more flavour to the crepe!)

I only had a tiny bite of Jordan's Chantelle crepe but the entire thing tasted really nutty and not too sweet.  I liked it - but I liked my savoury crepe more!

Over all it was an enjoyable experience.  The owner was really friendly to all his customers (maybe because it was a slow day?) and the food was delicious.  I will be back for more savoury crepes!!! 

Food - 4/5 - really delicious crepes - though could work a little more on the fillings
Service - N/A (4/5 for friendly owner)
Ambiance - N/A - again, food court :)

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